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Young Mapogos

Young Mapogos

Early Cub & Nomad Life (2001 - 2006):[]

The Mothers: Sparta Lionesses & The Fathers: West Street Males (named Broken Nose, Mak Senior, Blondie, Scar Eyebrow & Scar Nose of the 6 Brothers was born to the Sparta/Eyrefield pride of the Sabi Sands around 2001, which become the Mapogo Coalition. The brothers went nomadic in early 2006. The 6 brothers, Mr.T, Makhulu, Kinky Tail, Dreadlocks (“Scar”), Rasta & Pretty Boy just a few months later were the largest collation in the entire Sabi Sand by using their numbers advantage of 6, they would kill any dominate male who stood in their way. They would also kill cubs and any lioness who would try to defend them. In just a few months, the 6 Mapogo brothers were dominate over half the entire Reserve. A video to get you started if you don't want to read all this

Young Adult Life (2008):[]

In 2008, Despite ruling a large territory, the Mapogo Coalition wasn't functioning smoothly due to the two youngest members, Mr.T and Kinky Tail not being strong enough to compete with the other four. It was observed that Mr. T and Kinky Tail broke off from their four brothers, and headed east to control the eastern part of the territory. During this time the Sparta and Styx Pride where under control by Rollercoaster Male. Mr.T & Kinky Tail attempted to sneak up on Rollercoaster but the Lionesses were having none of it, and attacked both Mr.T and Kinky Tail which gave time for the dominant male to escape. Because of this both the brothers ended up going back to the western sector. A few days later the brothers had returned but this time they had serious backup, everyone apart from Makhulu. Shortly after arriving, the Mapogos quickly took over the Styx & Sparta pride. The Mapogos now have 7 prides at this time, under their control. They controlled almost all of Sabi Sand, just leaving the Southern Section Reserve from their control. Mr.T & Kinky Tail stayed in the Eastern Sector, while their 3 brothers returned to Western Sabi Sand to join Makhulu. Over the next year, the strong duo of Mr. T & Kinky Tail stood guard over their territory against many intruders, they clashed with the 2 Manyeleti males, killing one, as well as fought off the 3 Toulon Males, all in 2009. However there were also setbacks, the powerful coalition of the 2 Gijima males were able to claim Djuma in the northern part of their territory, but were chased off by the two Mlowathi (Mapogo) from Mala Mala, the core of the eastern Mapogo territory, when they tried to sneak in. They were not only defending from the east but also defending their brothers in the west as the entire western part of the reserve is fenced, meaning the only way to enter was through Mr. T & Kinky Tail.

Adult Life 2010 (Majingilane War):[]

In the year 2010, it had been 4 years since the Mapogos had taken over their first territory, they had defended the territory from multiple intruders, but they was about to meet their biggest challenge they had ever faced. A collation of 5 Majingilane males had entered the Mapogos territory, these 5 brothers were estimated by Nkorho rangers to be between 5-6 years old at this time, but most likely were between 4,5-5 years old and had their sights set on the rich domain of the Mapogo collation. The 5 brothers started to roar and scent mark the territory, Mr. T & Kinky Tail accepted the challenge as they have never lost a fight before.

On June 8th, 2010 the bigger and most developed member of the Majingilane collation (forever known as the 5th Majingilane) was resting in the thick bush and when realised Mr. T & Kinky Tail were closing in on him, they had not spotted him but was definitely aware of his presence. Once they got two close, the Majingilane male decided to attempt to flee from the 2 brothers but it was too late, both Mr. T & Kinky Tail grabbed and pinned him to the ground. It was a ferocious attack and the battle sounds could be heard from all over the reserve as they attacked his legs, groin & shattered his pelvis. The young Majingilane gave it his all, but sadly he never stood a chance against such a dominate force, however he did manage to slightly injure both Mr. T & Kinky Tail before he finally succumbed to his battle wounds. Mr T had a gash over his eye & Kinky Tail was walking with a massive limp from a damaged bitten paw. The Majingilane collation was now down to just 4 Members.

Kinky Tails Death:[]

That same day / evening, all the remaining Majingilane brothers were on the move, it was clear they had sense of the incident earlier and was out for blood & revenge on the Mapogos for the death of their brother. According to ranger Peter Rundle from Nkorho, Kinky Tail showed up alone and despite his injuries, charged and chased the 4 Majingilane all by himself, however, his rivals eventually turned to face him. Sadly they quickly managed to overpower Kinky Tail & pin him to the ground and rip him apart. Mr. T tried to rescue his brother Kinky Tail but had arrived too late to be able to save Kinky Tail but Mr. T still attempted to take on a few Majingilane but was ultimately was forced to flee for his life. The 4 Majingilanes chased Mr. T but luckily he managed to get away, after this the Majingilanes came back to finally finish off Kinky Tail, he was practically eaten alive. The Majingilanes proceeded to roar and advertise themselves as the new rulers of the area.

Mr. T - After Kinky Tails Death:[]

Over the next few weeks, Mr. T was seen in the company of the Tsalala Pride, he was still calling for his dead brother Kinky Tail, so instead of his brother hearing his calls, they was heard by the Majingilanes males who once again attacked Mr. T, he was beaten by the Majingilanes brothers but once again managed escaped with his life.

Mr. T - Returning Back To His Brothers:[]

Mr. T ran back to the western sector and met up with his remaining 4 brothers, the Majingilanes males quickly eat away the eastern part of the Mapogos territory, and took over their prides after killing all their cubs with the exception of 4 Tsalala daughters that went nomadic under the guidance of their grandmother the Tailless Tsalala lioness, these 4 would eventually become the Manghene pride. In the western sector, the 5 Mapogo brothers were still the kings. Mr. T actually came back and tried to kill his Ximhungwe nephews, but Pretty Boy and Dreadlocks asserted their dominance over him as shown by footage from Leo Vantage Safari Sighting. According to Londolozi in july 2010, Mr.T was the least dominant of all the 5 brothers. Still, when the other Mapogos weren't there to see, Mr.T killed all their 3 of the Ximhungwe cubs, but didn't touch the Othawa pride that he was familiar with having taking over with his brothers years later, the subadults from the Othawa pride at the time are the ancestors of all 3 remaining Othawa lionesses (as of April 2023).

Rasta Death:[]

Out of the 5, Pretty Boy & Rasta decided to visit the Eastern Sector of Sabi Sand, sadly only Pretty Boy returned with some injuries but Rasta had completely disappeared, most likely had been hunted by poachers or killed in a battle with the Majingilanes and is considered last seen.

Dreadlocks Death:[]

The Mapogos suffered yet another loss when Dreadlocks never returned from a territorial patrol in late 2010 *(a few theories emerged regarding his demise, none of which has substantial proof)*

Mapogos & Solati War (2011 - 2012):[]

Now there is only 3 Mapogos left Makhulu the oldest leader who was about 12 years old and way beyond his prime. Pretty Boy who was about 10 years old and his prime years were also behind him, and Mr. T who was about 9 years old & still had a lot to offer, despite losing 3 members in just a few months, the Mapogo collation held on to power, the Western Sector was still their domain & they controlled the Ximhungwe and Othawa prides. In 2011 a collation of 4 Solati males who got pushed into the Mapogo territory by the Majingilanes. Once the Mapogos learned of these intruders it was a proof test of strength of the 3 brothers in driving them back out into the Southern Regions of Sabi Sand for the remainder of the Year. In early 2012, the Mapogo territory was yet again invaded by the 4 Solatis, during the absence of the Mapogos one of the females of Resident Prides went on to mate with the new males, this was all the Solatis needed, as the urge to find females brought them closer west deep into the Mapogos controlled area. The conflict was inevitable and in February 2012, the Solatis laid a few beatings into the aging Mapogos way beyond their prime, the Mapogo collation was no match for the fury of these 4 young Solati brothers.

Mr. T Death: (March 16th, 2012)[]

In daytime of March 16, 2012, The young Southern Males successfully caught Mr. T, they quickly mauled him and the attack was so brutal with a huge gash on his back, you could hear him actually screaming in pain and a sound so horrifying when one of the Males bites and snaps Mr. T's spin paralysing him, even with this unimaginably painful injury he still continued fighting till his last breath, never giving up.

Mr T Death Aftermath:[]

After Mr. T death, the Southern Males banished the remaining 2 Mapogo brothers & took over their prides and territory.

Both Makhulu & Pretty Boy became nomads and they tried to challenge the 2 Kruger males for control of the Southern Pride but was quickly beaten by the strong defenders. Once former rulers of the Sabi Sand, they are both now nomads, constantly being chased by other dominate males. The old Mapogo warriors was losing condition rapidly as they hadn't had any lionesses to feed them and become too old to successfully hunt for food themselves. They would often be seen falling during hunts and when they did eventually succeed, the rulers of that area would just chase them off and lay claim to their food.

Pretty Boy Death:[]

In late 2012, Pretty Boy passed away due to old age, starvation & disease.

Makhulu Death:[]

Early 2013, Makhulu passed away from old age, he lived considerably a very long time for a wild lion.

Collation Family:[]

Mothers: Sparta Lionesses

Fathers: West Street Males (named Broken Nose, Mak Senior, Blondie, Scar Eyebrow & Scar Nose.)

Brother: Mr. T (Deceased March 16th, 2012 - Killed by young Southern Males)

Brother: Kinky Tail (Deceased - June 8th, 2010, killed by Majingilanes)

Half-Brother: Makuhlu (Deceased - Early 2013, Starvation & Old Age)

Brother: Dreadlocks (Last Seen - Possibly killed by villagers or Poachers) *Would be dead from old age now*

Brother: Rasta (Last Seen - went missing killed by villagers or Poachers) *Would be dead from old age now*

Brother: Pretty Boy (Deceased - Late 2012, Starvation, Old Age & Disease)

Coalition Offspring:[]

As of april 2023, the Mapogos currently have 2 surviving daughters sired the Mr.T and Kinky Tail, the matriarchs of the the Mhangene Pride. The remaining 3 lionesses of this pride are their granddaughters, as well as the 5 remaining Kambula lionesses. The younger generation of the Kambula Pride are therefore their great-grandcubs, including the 6 nomadic Kambula Males, 2 oldest living on Kruger and 4 youngest on Sabi Sands.

They also had two sons Othawa M and Othawa T who ventured into Kruger national park in 2011/2012. After that nobody knows what happened to them since the area is not well traversed compared to Sabi Sands.

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